CA / tə’ri.ən


anglicized form of the French noun “terrien;”

a person or people who inhabit the planet Earth. 


Terrian Publishing is a Canadian, indie company, that caters to independent authors of all genres across the globe. 

Although we aren't a publishing platform for indie authors, we do offer a variety of select services such as book formatting and personalized book ad creation that help indie authors accomplish their publishing goals. 

With the planet held close at heart, Terrian Publishing operates in a way that aims to reduce its impact on our celestial sphere's multitude of environments. The most praiseworthy example of Terrian Publishing's sustainable endeavors would be its charitable Books for the Earth program.

To keep it brief, a significant portion of our retailer's discount collected from physical book sales through our Terrian Library are donated to one among a list of non-profit environmental organizations - our partners - typically chosen by the author. In this manner, every physical book sold helps give back to the environment a part of what was taken from it to create the item. 

Beyond the Books for the Earth program, indie authors that decide to sell their work through our Terrian Library are given the opportunity to have their books reviewed by a qualified member of our staff, their book will be announced in our Terrian News' New Arrival section, and free social media ads will be launched regularly, all free of charge.

Terrian Publishing was created by an indie author - our chief Terrian, publishing their work. Knowing how difficult it can be to properly publish and launch a book without the resources of big publishing houses, the company's founder created Terrian Publishing with the goal of making its services as hastle-free and affordable as possible.

A true lover of the literary arts, our chief Terrian hopes to one day build through this website a safe, inclusive, open-minded community of up-coming, new, and accomplished independent authors and indie publishers, one where sales aren't what exist at the heart of the business, but the authors' and publishers' shared passion for the literary arts instead. 





Our online bookshop The Terrian Library was established during the summer of 2021. It's opening marked the real launch of this Terrian Publishing website. The Library will sell works of just about every genre of both fiction and non-fiction literature created by independent or self-published authors, as well as novels created by indie publishing houses across the globe. 

What makes this online bookshop unique is that no matter the format, it only takes 10% of gains from book sales for merchant fees, otherwise known as a "retailer's discount." This gives an advantage not only to the authors, but also to the Library, as most retailers take on average 35% of an author's gains from every bok sold, not 10%. The real winners here are the authors, and here at Terrian Publishing, supporting indies in the vast domain of English literature is what we're really all about.

Although our merchant fees do vary in the case of physical books sold by The Terrian Library in accordance with our charitable Books for the Earth program, all authors stand to receive 90% of their well-earned royalties from every eBook sold. To read more about this, please contact out administrative staff via our Contact web page.

If you're an independent, self-published author with creative work written in English that you'd like to sell in our Terrian Library, please contact Terrian Publishing and a submission form will be sent to you within due time.

To inquire more on the subject, please contact Terrian Publishing via this website as well. 

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Terrian Publishing has its own online bookshop called The Terrian Library. There, each physical copy of a book sold is linked to a non-profit environmental organization that was selected among our list. Those organizations, for the sake of our Books For The Earth program, are known as our partners. 

An amount ranging from 1$ CAD or more per physical book sold by The Terrian Library is taken from our Library's merchant fee and is donated to the book's associated partner.


Through our partners, we have the assurance that some part of our environment is maintained or preserved with every physical book sold in our Terrian Library. Meanwhile, freshwater and woodland resources are preserved and carbon emissions are reduced in the production and sale of all eBooks.

To view what type of contributions our authors are making to help sustain and regreen our planet, view their novels' information section.

To learn more about our partners, please visit Our Partners web page. 



 Our mission is:

  • To become a helpful tool that can help Canadians on their self-publishing journey

  • To provide good-quality services to indie authors at affordable, competitive prices, and

  • To help sustain our planet with every book sold. 

Here at Terrian Publishing, we work both for indies of the English literature world, and for our planet.