Above Earth

Earth Day Sale! 

10% off all works of indie literature in 
The Terrian Library!

Today, it's all about the authors and our partners. Instead of taking our share from the sales, Terrian Library donates its earnings 50\50 to the author of the book sold and to the non-profit org they've chosen to support!

 Winter Holiday Sales!

15% off all works of indie lit in
The Terrian Library!
Event date:
December 20th to January 12th

Christmas Gift
3D Balls in Pride Colors

CapitaPride Week Sale!

10% off all novels on Capital Pride Week ​
This celebration of human LGBTQA+ rights happens in Canada's capital city from August 22d to August 29!
Taking pride in our authors' work, we'll be donating that 10% to them and the non-profit org they've chosen to support. 

Oh Canada!  

Seasons' End Sales!

20% off all novels!

The sales is on for the last 5 days of each season.

Winter's End Sale - March 14th to March 19th
Spring's End Sale - June 15th to June 20th
Summer's End Sale - September 17th to September 21st
Fall's End Sale - December 15th to December 20th

Image by Chris Lawton
Happy New Year gold badge

New Year Blowout Sale! 

50% off all novels!
This sale only occurs once a year as last only until midnight! 

Get all the novels you've been eyeing December 31st before any other readers do and make sure to pass those items through out checkout before the drop of the ball!