Important Notice 

Terrian Publishing is a new company that was established in 2020 and launched in spring of 2021. It was created by an independent author, for independent authors. 
Seeing as we're a new business, many of our publishing services are still in their BETA phase. As much as Terrian Publishing does endeavor to make its full list of publishing services available to the public in the near future, the majority of them will remain unavailable until we are satisfied with their quality.
Only after our closed BETA tests on our current publishing services are finalized will the bulk of them become available to the general public. Until then, Terrian Publishing will operate primarily as an indie bookstore and information center for Canadian independent authors.   

To read more about what makes Terrian Publishing's bookstore The Terrian Library unique beyond the fact that it sells works created exclusively by independent and/or self-published authors, visit our subpage 'Books For The Earth' under 'Our Terrian Library' menu option.