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Essential GOC services

Here, you'll find all the basics on the services you'll most likely need from the Government of Canada to get your work finished and printed.

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What you need to know about scams

Learn here what popular scams exist out there that target indie authors and authors that are trying to self-publish their work and how to avoid them.

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The importance of an author's website

Creating their own website may not be the option for everyone, but discover here why every author should have their own website or at least their own webpage.

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Essential programs 

On this page, you'll find information about all programs that are essential to writing your work and getting it published. 

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Information about self-publishing 

Find basic information and guidelines you'll need to know and follow if you're planning on publishing your own book here.


The importance of social media to an author

Social media had become an integral part of most businesses across the globe.  The same goes for anyone who has a product that they want to sell. Learn about the positive and negative ways this essential part of being an author can affect your carreer.